for Ocean Surfing
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  • 6'8 ~ 21 7/8 ~ 2 7/8 48,2L
  • 7'0 ~ 22 ~ 2 7/8 ~ 51L
  • 7'2 ~ 22 1/4 ~ 2 15/16 ~ 54,1L
  • 7'5 ~ 22 3/8 ~ 2 15/16 ~ 59L

Break the ice with surfing or just enjoy smooth rides in small to medium conditions with this fast and fun board.

Our mini mal promises easy paddling and take-offs leading to an overall faster progression of your surf game. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our Classic Leash.


PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.





Mini Malibu - easy paddling & stability

BEGINNER – You want to step it up to your first hardboard? This beauty has your name written all over it. The volume distribution in our mini mal promises easy paddling, stability in take-offs leading to an overall faster progression of your surf game.

INTERMEDIATE – Looking for a surfboard for smaller days that makes it easy to catch waves? You’ll enjoy the Icebreaker. This board works in many conditions. It gives you that unique mini malibu feeling, combined with the characteristics of a funboard. Thanks to the thinner rails towards the tail in combination with the round pintail, the Icebreaker is stable and controlled even at higher speeds.

To summarize, this board will help you progress faster as a beginner and maximize fun in smaller conditions for every step within your surfing evolution.