Intermediate Surf Companion - Guide Book (EN)

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  • This is the 3rd edition of our popular Intermediate Surf Companion, with 56 thread-bound pages full of detailed illustrations and descriptions
  • Topics covered: wave types, currents, conditions, positioning in the lineup, surf etiquette, paddle techniques, turtle roll, pivoting your board, taking off in unbroken waves, angled take-off, stance, generating speed, vision, bottom turn, rail grab, shuffle & cross step, top turn / re-entry, cutback and board selection
  • With lots of space to take notes – grab your pencil and colored markers to add learnings and insights from your surf sessions and lessons to the book’s illustrations – leave your mark & make it your own!
  • Developed and thoroughly tested by a highly experienced ISA level 2 certified surf coach and a professional designer & illustrator
    Beautiful Illustrations and detailed descriptions for every single technique and maneuver
  • Take your surfing to the next level with a strategic learning approach, performance-analysis and easy to follow instructions. Get empowered professional coaching content – and start rippin’!
  • Superb offset print on recycled paper (160g/m²) and high quality thread binding
  • Eco friendly, climate-neutral production
The Intermediate Surf Companion is an illustrated workbook for learning surfers and surf coaches! You want to paddle out into the lineup, catch unbroken waves, ride down the line and do basic maneuvers? This workbook will help you to improve your surfing with essential surf knowledge and easy to understand illustrations. It also allows you to track your individual progress with space for your own notes – the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes!