Moby Creek EPX Riverboard

for River Surfing
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Size "5'0" sold out pretty quickly and will be back in stock from 01.06.2024
  • 5'0 ~ 18 7/8 ~ 2 ~ 20,9L
  • 5'2 ~ 19 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 22,1L
  • 5'4 ~ 19 1/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 23,8L
  • 5'6 ~ 19 5/8 ~ 2 3/16 ~ 26 L

Introducing the Moby Creek EPX: born from three generations of expertise in riverboard design.

Crafted for weaker waves, flatter transitions, or riders seeking effortless speed. Its subtle double concave alignment and perfect tail width ensure ample float, while pronounced edges maintain agility and responsiveness. Enhanced volume in the first third of the rail enables powerful pumps for immediate acceleration, making it ideal for weaker waves or dominating powerful wave pools. Built with upgraded Impactec construction featuring Kevlar reinforced finboxes and aerospace polymer rail tape, glassed with 40% bio epoxy resin, the Moby Creek EPX sets a new standard in durability and sustainability.

Refined in shape and construction, it's the ultimate choice for tackling weaker waves and accommodating heavier riders.


EPX Construction

Based on a PU core and a 6+4+6 epoxy glassing, the EPX construction ensures a super light board with maximum durability. Designed for the daily wear and tear of river surfing..

Bio Epoxy Resin

This board is glassed with a resin that consists of 40% biological materials. This reduces CO2 emissions and toxicity by up to 60%.


With aerospace grade polymer railguards and kevlar reinforced finboxes, this surfboard offers maximum durability without adding unnecessary weight.



Moby Creek EPX Riverboard

Moby Creek EPX Riverboard

ImpacTec Riverboard - maximum durability for flatter transitions & heavier riders

3 Generations of Mobys and many years of experience in building and designing Riverboards led us to the Moby Creek EPX. Designed for weaker waves, flatter transitions or heavier riders, this beauty will generate speed effortlessly. With a very subtle double concave alignment in combination with the perfect tail width, the board creates vast amount of float while the very pronounced edges maintain its agility and responsiveness. 

With slightly more volume in the first third of the rail, the Moby will have the necessary buoyancy to transfer powerful pumps into immediate acceleration. A substantial ability for weaker waves, while the perfectly thinned out tail will still allow to rip in powerful wave pools!

With our upgraded ImpacTec construction with Kevlar reinforced finboxes, aerospace polymer rail tape and glassed with 40% bio epoxy resin, the Moby Creek EPX sets our new standard in the durability and sustainability of a riverboard.

The bigger brother of the Creek, now finetuned in shape and redefined in construction. The Moby Creek EPX, the perfect choice for weaker waves and heavier riders.


Double Concave

A subtle double concave creates maximum acceleration even from slow water speeds and keeps the wider tail loose and agile.


Low River Rocker

A low river dedicated rockerline maximizes planning surface and ensures exceptional float. With a subtle tailkick the board is agile while a medium nose rocker ensures maniability in small and weak transitions without hangups.