Recycled Performance River Fin Set x SIEVE / FCS1

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  • 30% recycled glass fiber (post-industrial) and bio-based polymers with recycled content
  • 3 fins
  • Made in Germany
  • System: FCS1
  • Height: 4,55 '' (Side Fins) // 2,67 '' (Center Fin)
  • Base: 4,45 '' (Side Fins) // 3,93 '' (Center Fin)

Searching for high-performance but low impact? Meet the latest addition to the KANOA Accessory Range - our collaboration with SIEVE Fins. This 2+1 River Fin Set is crafted from recycled PA plastic (high-performance material) to enhance your river surfing experience while minimizing environmental impact. Fully compatible with FCS systems, this set provides the perfect blend of flexibility and control, allowing you to perform best in any river, citywave or wave pool. 

Produced right here in Germany using the shortest possible material and production routes we wanted to minimize their environmental impact.