Recycled Thruster Fin Set x Rebel / FCS1

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  • 100% recycled carbon PA compound
  • Developed and made in Germany
  • Color: dark raven blue / midnight black (colors can vary slightly)
  • System: FCS
  • “Closed Circle Production” – all production leftovers are recycled
  • Produced with green energy

Our recycled carbon fins in collaboration with Rebel Fins come in a performance-oriented and versatile design. This makes the fin responsive for aggressive and fast turns.

The 3-fin thruster setup with just the right amount of flex covers a wide range of surf conditions for advanced surfers and pros: from beach break to point break.

Until now, there was no use for the residues of carbon fibre materials from car production and had to be disposed of. Thanks to Rebel Fin’s new methods, these residues are now being recycled and fed back into the production cycle. This saves fossil raw materials and a lot of CO2 and the carbon fibre content gives the fin high rigidity even during harder moves.