Slide Rider

for Ocean Surfing
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  • 5'9 ~ 19 7/16 ~ 2 1/2 ~ 30,2L
  • 5'11 ~ 19 11/16 ~ 2 5/8 ~ 32,2L
  • 6'2 ~ 20 1/4 ~ 2 11/16 ~ 35,4L

Do you wanna get a ride? This allround shortboard is a quiver killer. With added volume under the chest and an agile round tail the board stands out from intermediate to pro and from punch to small wave. If you want one board to do it all - the Slide Rider should be your choice.

And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Competition Leash.


PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.

Polyola Eco Blank

This surfboards features a Polyola Eco Surfboard Blank. Based on 33% recycled materials, recyclable again and made in Europe.



Slide Rider

Slide Rider

The secret to the Slide Rider’s performance is its long double concave through the whole bottom. The homogenous contours will help to paddle fast and accelerate the board  on the weakest of waves. The concaves will also add the perfect amount of looseness to the very precise and agile round tail. With a medium rockerline it creates enough float to catch small waves but will still fit nicely in the pocket of steep and powerful waves. The fine tuned rails will hold on to fast carves while the rest of the board continues to accelerate. 

Versatility, speed and that extra in volume all around the sustainable Polyola recycled blank, will let this board stand out from the masses. Give it a ride!


  • Built with Polyola Eco Blank
  • All components sourced in Europe
  • Built in Surfactory Portugal
  • 6+4 & 6 Glassing