Solarez Mini Travel Kit

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By Solarez

  • 0.5 oz tube Solarez fiberglass filler
  • 0.5 oz tube Microlite putty
  • 60/240 grit sanding pad and putty knife
  • Acetone cloth
  • Comes in a shockproof, waterproof plastic jar

SOLAREZ is the go-to choice for smaller Ding Repairs. Roughen the area to be fixed with the enclosed sanding pad, then apply SOLAREZ resin in the shade. Let it dry in direct sunlight for about 5 minutes, then sand again. It can also cure under indirect UV radiation, but that takes a bit longer.

The Polyester Mini Travel Kit includes a small white and yellow tube in a convenient travel box, perfect for shorter surf trips!

The yellow tube contains polyester resin enriched with fiberglass, ideal for superficial damage repair. For deeper holes, the white Tube with microballoons is recommended.