The Creek EPX Riverboard

for River Surfing
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Sizes "4'8" & "4'10" sold out pretty quickly and will be back in stock from 01.06.2024
  • 4'8 ~ 18 1/2 ~ 2 ~ 19L
  • 4'10 ~ 18 3/4 ~ 2 ~ 20L
  • 5'0 ~ 18 7/8 ~ 2 ~ 20,9L
  • 5'3 ~ 19 ~ 2 1/16 ~ 22,1L
  • 5'5 ~ 19 1/8 ~ 2 1/8 ~ 23,8L
  • 5'7 ~ 19 5/8 ~ 2 3/16 26L

The Creek EPX takes our flagship river shape to the next level. Our all-round and all level river machine in a unique new construction.

Unrivaled agility and stability meet exceptional speed and acceleration. Our updated concave configuration, combined with sharpened edges and redesigned fin angles, elevates performance to new heights. Crafted with an updated ImpacTec construction featuring Kevlar reinforced finboxes and aerospace grade polymer rail reinforcement, this board ensures unmatched durability. 

The Creek EPX: the go-to choice for all river surfers, from intermediate to advanced levels. More than just a classic - it's the epitome of river surfing excellence.


EPX Construction

Based on a PU core and a 6+4+6 epoxy glassing, the EPX construction ensures a super light board with maximum durability. Designed for the daily wear and tear of river surfing..

Bio Epoxy Resin

This board is glassed with a resin that consists of 40% biological materials. This reduces CO2 emissions and toxicity by up to 60%.


With aerospace grade polymer railguards and kevlar reinforced finboxes, this surfboard offers maximum durability without adding unnecessary weight.



The Creek EPX Riverboard

The Creek EPX Riverboard

ImPacTec Riverboard - maximum durability for medium & strong rapids

Introducing the latest model of our River Flagship the Creek. The all round, all level river machine has become an institution in the river scene and is the origin of all our rivershapes.  It established as the perfect compromise between agility and stability, while providing exceptional speed and acceleration. Fitting into artificial and natural rapids  alike and convincing in a vast range of different waves. The ideal choice for the intermediate riversurfer to basically any surfer that wants one board to surf them all.

The Creek now features an updated concave configuration that blends perfectly into the smooth rockerline with the perfect amount of tailkick. In combination with sharpened edges and updated fin angles, the Creek EPX now reaches the next level of drive and speed creation.

Thanks to our redesigned IMPACTEC construction, the Creek EPX inherits our new standard in riverboard durability. Kevlar reinforced finboxes in combination with aerospace grade polymer rail reinforcement will guarantee a long lasting ride that can be reassured by a 40% bio based epoxy glassing.

Further finetuned and reinforced, the Creek EPX underlines the central position in our river segment and will continue to be the go-to riverboard for all levels. More than a classic.


Double Concave

A subtle double concave creates maximum acceleration and keeps the board loose and agile.


Medium to low River Rocker

A medium river dedicated rockerline ensures speed generation and more hold on the edge while creating that extra agility through the right amount of tailkick.