Twice Fish

for Ocean Surfing
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  • 5'6 ~ 21 1/4 ~ 2 1/2 ~ 32L
  • 5'9 ~ 21 5/8 ~ 2 5/8 ~ 35L
  • 6'0 ~ 22 ~ 2 5/8 ~ 37L
  • 6'3 ~ 22 1/4 ~ 2 5/8 ~ 39L

Twin Fin is twice the Fun, that is exactly what led us to the latest addition in the KANOA Board Range. The Twice Fish.

This classic Retro Fish has everything you expect from a Twin Fin: style, easy take-offs, manoeuvrability and smooth turns. And to make your board setup perfect, choose our new sustainable Competition Leash.

Please note: This board features Futures fin boxes.


PU Construction

Based on polyurethane foam, bonded to a plywood stringer with polyester glassing.



Twice Fish

Twice Fish

Retro Twin Fin Fish

Twin Fin is twice the Fun!

A classic Retro Fish outline with a touch of modern shaping knowledge will get you the best out of two worlds. Endless float, immediate acceleration and that unique sensation of a Twin Fin Fish turn. With its wide nose formed into a generous V, the Twice Fish will help you to paddle fast and catch even the weakest wave. The wide tail and the long double concave will let you hover through any flat section while a classic keel fin will keep you stable at higher speeds and glue you into the wall in steeper waves. 

The Twice Fish is a Must Have in everyone’s quiver.

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